Cleared Visual
Layer by Layer

Privacy concerns, low illumination and harsh weather reduce the understanding of visual data. Based on beyond state-of-the-art deep learning, Brighter offers 'Perception Layers’. These layers remove visual limitations for humans and machines.

Best Perception

Improve Decisions

Empowering to understand more and therefore make the best decisions

Improve existing Data

Use and store data, which is cleared from any disturbance. What does this mean for AI companies?


While Driving

Brighter can support drivers on dark roads by integrating ‚Perception Layers‘ into their cars’ digital mirrors to provide day-like sight. Benefiting from the improved vision, a driver can make better decisions and drive more safely.

Machine Understanding

Detecting humans and other objects on bad visuals can be challenging. Brighter supports machines by removing visual limitations, which would otherwise increase training errors and run time of neural networks.

Privacy Control

Privacy regulations tremendously harm the commercial usage of visual data. Brighter's deep natural anonymization layer provides a solution for compliance, so that businesses can analyse, share and save their datasets in a natural form.

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Receiving Visual Data from Cameras or Data Storage, such as Images, Videos, or Streams

Receiving Visual Data from Cameras or Data Storage, such as Images, Videos, or Streams

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Applying 'Perception Layers' - beyond-state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks

Applying 'Perception Layers' - beyond-state-of-the-art Deep Neural Networks

Elevating the Understanding of Humans and Machines, like never seen before

Elevating the Understanding of Humans and Machines, like never seen before

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Returning the Data to the Original Source or for further Processing

Returning the Data to the Original Source or for further Processing

Empowering layer by layer any video material for customers by removing distortions and other distractions - enabling humans and machines to take brighter decisions.


On Premise

Clients can download as a service Brighter's container based 'Perception Layers' onto their system. All neural networks run on simple servers with at least one GPU. Priced by a monthly licensing fee, per server node. Please get in touch if you want to test our anonymization layer.


Brighter's roadmap targets edge deployed and embedded models. Our neural networks receive the data directly from the camera and provide real time cleared perception. Priced by a unit licensing fee. For a custom embedded or edge solution please get in touch, especially if you are an integrator and manufacturer.

Founders & Advisors

Marian Gläser
Chief Executive Officer

Marian is steering the company's strategy and investment relations. He graduated from the major IT-Management & Consulting, followed by becoming a passionate entrepreneur. Before he co-founded Brighter, Marian was working for a Techstar startup, Occipital Inc., doing project management at SinnerSchrader, consultancy for Lufthansa Systems and lecturing Continuous Improvement for Deep Learning at the University of Applied Science Berlin.

Asaf Birnhack
Chief Marketing Officer

As a co-founder, Asaf is responsible for the Sales & Business Development at Brighter. Asaf brings the Israeli entrepreneurial mindset to the team with a wealth of international business experiences. Prior to Brighter, he graduated with a B.A. in Business Management specialized in marketing. He gained an extensive 6 years’ experience of business development for startups & enterprises, in the online advertising and the Automotive industry.

Patrick Kern
Chief Technology Officer

Patrick is the CTO and the third co-founder of Brighter. He is in charge of the product development and the corporate technology. Before his journey as an entrepreneur started, he studied his master's degree in computer science and economics in Berlin, was a mentor at Udacity for Self-Driving cars and explored disruptive innovations at HELLA Ventures. Patrick also held various positions as software developer at companies such as KPMG and Signavio.

Dr. Thorsten Grenz

Thorsten Grenz is a member of the Supervisory Board of Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Fyber N.V. (until 2017) and GPredictive GmbH, President of the Financial Experts Association e.V. Previous positions in his career include CEO at Veolia Umweltservice and Veolia Deutschland, Operating Partner at 3i plc, CFO at Hero AG, CEO at Mobilcom AG, CFO at Hapag-Lloyd Container Linie and Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Benjamin Sekowski

Benjamin Sekowski began his career at an early-stage Venture Capital Fund where he accompanied transactions with focus on IoT & data-driven business models and could develop a strong network in the startup ecosystem. Leveraging his core strength working at the interface of Technology & Business, he co-founded Digital:Convergences to help clients streamlining their venturing activities and building digital products that users love.

Dr. Liv Kirsten Jacobsen

Prof. Jacobsen has been teaching entrepreneurship as an honorary professor at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), since 2017, where she also headed the "Centre for Entrepreneurship" between 2008 and 2015. As Managing Director of Transaudio GmbH, she had previously managed a technology company herself for six years. She also works as a lecturer at various universities and is active in the Business Angel Club Berlin.

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