About brighter AI

brighter AI develops state-of-the-art anonymization solutions for faces and license plates based on artificial intelligence. Data protection regulations restrict the usage of publicly-recorded images and videos. brighter AI’s vision is to protect every identity in public.

brighter AI’s portfolio includes Precision Blur, the most advanced video redaction for faces and license plates in images and videos, and Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT), a generative artificial intelligence solution with the highest standards in terms of accuracy and data quality. DNAT empowers companies to protect peoples’ identities when using data for advanced analytics and machine learning. 

Our privacy seal

brighter AI’s privacy seal for video and images is only given to companies that ensure video data anonymization is done in a GDPR compliant manner, so you, as a customer, can use their products or services with peace of mind not having to worry about what happens with your personal data or identity. The purpose of the seal is to safeguard civil rights, to foster trust, and indirectly to promote the importance of data protection for our society.

What gives legitimacy to this privacy seal is the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) certification. EuroPriSe Cert GmbH is the first private company in the EU with certification criteria approved by the competent supervisory authority. This proves that the brighter AI’s technology that has been certified and is used by these companies to anonymize their data is GDPR compliant https://www.euprivacyseal.com/eps-en/brighter-ai-dnat

brighter AI’s “DNAT on prem” solution is certified by EuroPriSe, which ensures all IT and processes that are associated with the solution being certified are compliant with the GDPR. EuroPriSe certifies IT products and IT-based services in the EU, and offers a transparent European privacy certificate that shows the product or service is compliant with the GDPR. The EuroPriSe certification procedure consists of a legal and technical evaluation and finally a validation stage.The process requires extensive auditing of the internal documentation and processes from the service provider.

Disclaimer: EuroPriSe is not affiliated with brighter AI except through its certification procedures and is not responsible for the content of this document/page/text. This document/page/text is not meant to be taken as legal or regulatory advice and is solely for informational purposes of brighter AI. Anyone or any entity should contact legal counsel if they have questions about their compliance under their applicable data privacy laws. 

brighter AI's Deep Natural Anonymization received EuroPriSe. It is the only fully GDPR compliant anonymization solution.
brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization received EuroPriSe. It is the only fully GDPR compliant anonymization solution.