brighter AI’s DNAT is Officially EuroPriSe Certified, Enabling GDPR Compliance

2. May 2022

Thanks to the hard work of our amazing team members and EuroPriSe experts, brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT) has just received the European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe Certificate). It is the only fully GDPR compliant anonymization solution. The EuroPriSe again proves the accuracy and reliability of our anonymization solution, as well as DNAT’s ability to enable GDPR compliance. 

The EuroPriSe certification procedure was developed within the framework of an EU-supported project to create a trans-European privacy seal. Originating from the Schleswig-Holstein DPA in circa 2001, it is transferred to the EuroPriSe GmbH company at the end of 2013

Nowadays, EuroPriSe is the only EU-wide, independent privacy seal. It is highly acknowledged by many professionals in the data protection field. It certifies IT products and IT-based services in the EU, and offers a transparent European privacy certificate that protects consumer rights, enhances trust in IT, and fosters privacy through marketing mechanisms. The certification is awarded to all enterprises whose product and service are compliant with the GDPR, regardless of the size.

brighter AI's Deep Natural Anonymization is offically European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) certified, enabling GDPR compliance.
brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization is offically European Privacy Seal (EuroPriSe) certified, enabling GDPR compliance.

The Application Procedure:

A successful EuroPriSe application requires four steps [1]: 

Step 1: Customer presents IT product. IT-based service or website.

Step 2: Admitted experts evaluate products, service or website.

Step 3: Impartial certification authority checks evaluation

Step 4: European Privacy Seal is awarded to product, service or website.

Only when the application satisfies the following criteria, will the certificate be awarded. The evaluation of a EuroPriSe Certification includes the following criteria:

     Set 1: Overview on Fundamental Issues

     Set 2: Legitimacy of Data Processing

     Set 3: Technical-Organizational Measures: Accompanying Measures for Protection of the Data Subject 

     Set 4: Data Subject’s right.

DNAT Meets All Relevant EuroPriSe Criteria

Qualified as an IT product, brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT) is a redaction feature in brighter AI’s brighter Redact Enterprise. DNAT is a synthetic AI based solution designed to automatically detect personal identifiers like face and license plate, and generates synthetic replacement that reflects the original attributes. iT protects identities while keeping necessary information for analytics or machine learning. 

EuroPriSe acknowledges the excellent implementation of data minimization in DNAT. Human faces and license plates detection and replacement take place in the host machine’s GPU, using Deep Learning Models. When redaction is finished, the original face or license plate will be erased and replaced with the synthetic overlay, therefore using the minimum amount of personal data.

Before using DNAT, the customer is transparently informed that the personal identifiers will be depersonalized, but keep the major attributes for software development and machine learning. The usage and purposes of DNAT strictly comply with the GDPR. To ensure the GDPR compliance from customers’ side, Brighter AI Technologies GmbH provides an onboarding guide to keep the customers updated and informed. Besides, recommended technical measures and organizational measures are also provided to minimize the risks and protect the freedom of data subjects.

The EuroPriSe Certification is a milestone for our young company, and a huge step on our journey to realize our mission: protecting every identity in public. If you’d like to learn more about our anonymization solution, check out the case studies below, or contact us here.

[1] EuroPriSe; IT Product and IT-Based Service Certification

“brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT) is well deserved to receive the EuroPriSe Seal. DNAT generates synthetic overlays of the faces and license plates in the original data. These overlays no longer qualify as identifiable personal information, but preserve the data quality for machine learning and AI innovation. Therefore, DNAT facilitates protecting identities while keeping necessary information for analytics or machine learning.”

Sebastian Meissner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification Authority, EuroPriSe

Xinzhuo Xiao
Marketing & Communication