Protect every identity in public

We provide image & video anonymization software based on state-of-the-art deep learning technology. Our solutions, Precision Blur and Deep Natural Anonymization, redact faces and license plates and help companies comply with data protection regulations such as the GDPR, CCPA, APPI and PIPL.

We enable companies in various industries to use publicly-recorded camera data for analytics and AI. With our solutions, companies can mitigate their liability and the risks of being fined, increase the capacity of their teams, improve their time to market, and push innovation.

Face Anonymization

With increasing capabilities of facial recognition technology, public video data collection comes with great risks. brighter AI’s Precision Blur is the most accurate face redaction solution in the world. Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT) is a unique privacy solution based on generative AI. It creates non-reversible synthetic face overlays to protect individuals from recognition, while preserving data quality and accuracy for analytics and machine learning.

License Plate Anonymization

With Precision Blur, brighter AI offers advanced video redaction for license plates worldwide. Deep Natural Anonymization is image and video anonymization software that replaces license plates with replicas. Therefore, it has no negative impact on neural networks and can be used for autonomous driving.

badge-icon The only certified value preserving video redaction software enabling GDPR compliance


Avoid non-compliance fines &
damaging your reputation

Improve time to market

Decrease legal &
operational costs

Monetize your data &
push innovation

Enable analytics & AI

Empower data exchange &
accelerate data collection

Trusted by leading enterprises around the world



Development of AD/ADAS functionalities


AI-based medical devices training & R&D

Public Sector

Safety, security & better CX


Data collection & cross-border data sharing

Award-winning technology

“Europe’s Hottest
AI Startup”
by Nvidia
“Most Innovative
ADAS Technology”
by Automotive Tech.AD
German Digital Award
“The Spark”
by Handelsblatt and McKinsey
Deep Tech Award 2020
in the category “AI”
by Berlin senate
AUREA Award 2022
in the category “Impact”
by AUREA Award
High Performer
in “Data De-Identification”
by G2
Public Award

by European Cyber Security Organization

With us, our customers save resources and mitigate risk.

The only fully compliant anonymization software


Fastest & the most accurate solution available


Country-agnostic, guarantees compliance regardless of location

“The technology makes data collection in public compliant according to privacy regulations worldwide, such as GDPR in Europe, CSL in China and the upcoming CCPA in the US.” The Washington Post, March 21st, 2019
“brighter AI has solved a fundamental problem of using and storing image and video data in compliance with data protection regulations.” Handelsblatt, November 23rd, 2019
“brighter AI, a spin-off from the electronics specialist Hella, for example, was able to secure a multi-million investment with its anonymization software for camera images, which is in demand in the automotive industry.” WirtschaftsWoche, January 14th, 2020
“The best 10 AI startups in Germany – brighter AI uses neural networks to generate artificial faces and license plates that are not recognizable as fake.” Business Insider, June 22nd, 2019