Harness the World’s
Camera Data with
Privacy by Design

In 2022, 7 exabytes of video data will be transmitted by vehicles and public cameras per hour, providing infinite data points - crucial for an autonomous infrastructure, insight-driven services and new businesses.

Brighter AI empowers companies to use publicly-recorded camera data for analytics & AI while being compliant with increasing data privacy regulations worldwide.

Deep Natural Anonymization for AI in automotive, retail and smart city.


Deep Natural Anonymization

Brighter AI's innovative anonymization technology protects the individual identity in line with privacy regulations. However, compared to pixelation, blurring and masking, the anonymized faces and license plates look natural and retain full analytics capabilities.


Brighter AI is partnering with automotive companies to anonymize camera data for self-driving cars on the edge, as well as to embed the software into serial production. Additionally, OEMs and ADAS suppliers can use Deep Natural Anonymization to process existing training data in a GDPR-compliant way. With Brighter AI's innovative face and license plate anonymization solution, automotive manufacturers and tier-one suppliers can focus on data collection, labelling and the development of AI models. Thereby, Brighter AI provides a key solution to bring autonomous vehicles safely onto the road.

Retail & Smart City

Like our eyes, cameras capture the world and collect data about the environment. With Deep Natural Anonymization, Brighter AI transforms installed cameras of public transportation providers and retailers into sensors for advanced video analytics. This does not only allow to replace single-purpose technologies like people counters, but also, for the first time, enables data processing in the cloud. With numerous cloud analytics providers available, customers have the option to choose analyses in a flexible manner. From customer demographics and emotions to clothing style, anything is possible.

Enabling Analytics & AI

In contrast to traditional anonymization approaches, naturally anonymized camera data can be used for detection, classification, segmentation and any other analytics or AI. What does this mean for AI companies?


On Premise

Clients can download Brighter AI's container-based anonymization solution onto their system. Our neural networks run on servers with at least one GPU, and the SaaS solution is priced by a monthly licensing fee per server node. If you want to test our anonymization solution, please get in touch.


Brighter AI also provides natural anonymization of faces and license plates on the edge. We can deploy directly on cameras and vehicles to remove personal identifiers even before processing the data. If you are looking to anonymize camera data on an edge device to enable cloud analytics, please get in touch.


Brighter AI is exploring to bring Deep Natural Anonymization into serial production with leading industry partners. Our technology can anonymize personal identifiers directly on the camera. If you are an automotive or camera manufacturer looking for a custom embedded solution, please get in touch.

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Receiving Visual Data from Cameras or Servers

Receiving Visual Data from Cameras or Servers

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Applying Deep Natural Anonymization

Applying Deep Natural Anonymization

Enabling Advanced Analytics and AI

Enabling Advanced Analytics and AI

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Providing the Naturally Anonymized Data

Providing the Naturally Anonymized Data

Founders & Advisors

Marian Gläser
Chief Executive Officer

Marian is steering the company's strategy and investor relations. He graduated with a major in IT-Management & Consulting, followed by becoming a passionate entrepreneur. Previously to co-founding Brighter AI, Marian was a software developer for the Techstars startup Occipital Inc., project manager at SinnerSchrader, consultant for Lufthansa Systems and lecturer for Continuous Improvement & Deep Learning at the University of Applied Sciences Berlin.

Patrick Kern
Chief Technology Officer

Patrick is one of the co-founders of Brighter AI. As the CTO, he is in charge of product development and corporate technology. Previously to his journey as an entrepreneur, Patrick finished a Master program in Computer Science and Economics. Also, he was a mentor at Udacity for self-driving car development and explored disruptive innovations for Hella Ventures. Patrick also held various positions as a software developer at companies such as KPMG and Signavio.

Asaf Birnhack
Chief Sales Officer

As co-founder and CSO of Brighter AI, Asaf is responsible for sales and business development. Asaf brings the entrepreneurial Israeli mindset and a wealth of international business experiences to the team. Before founding Brighter AI, he studied Business Management with a major in Marketing. Asaf collected more than six years experience in business development and leadership roles for both startups and large enterprises in industries such as online advertising and automotive.

Dr. Thorsten Grenz

Thorsten Grenz is a member of the Supervisory Board of Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA, Fyber N.V. (until 2017) and GPredictive GmbH, President of the Financial Experts Association e.V. Previous positions in his career include CEO at Veolia Umweltservice and Veolia Deutschland, Operating Partner at 3i plc, CFO at Hero AG, CEO at Mobilcom AG, CFO at Hapag-Lloyd Container Linie and Associate Principal at McKinsey & Company, Inc.

Dr. Liv Kirsten Jacobsen

Prof. Jacobsen has been teaching entrepreneurship as an honorary professor at the European University Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), since 2017, where she also headed the "Centre for Entrepreneurship" between 2008 and 2015. As Managing Director of Transaudio GmbH, she had previously managed a technology company herself for six years. She also works as a lecturer at various universities and is active in the Business Angel Club Berlin.

Benjamin Sekowski

Benjamin Sekowski began his career at an early-stage Venture Capital Fund where he accompanied transactions with focus on IoT & data-driven business models and could develop a strong network in the startup ecosystem. Leveraging his core strength working at the interface of Technology & Business, he co-founded Digital:Convergences to help clients streamlining their venturing activities and building digital products that users love.

About Us

Brighter AI Technologies is a Berlin-based startup founded in 2017. At Brighter AI, we are working to overcome limitations in human and computer vision with artificial intelligence. With our innovative anonymization approach using deep neural networks, we are already on the way to solve the 'data privacy vs. analytics dilemma' for more than 1.1bn public cameras. NVIDIA recognized Brighter AI by naming us 'Europe’s Hottest Startup'. If you are looking to join us on our mission to become the world leader in Generative AI, check our job page or say hello@brighter.ai

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