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Drive data privacy with the Identity Protection Suite

brighter AI’s Identity Protection Suite (IPS) provides the most advanced solutions to protect personally identifiable information in camera data. It can be used via Cloud API, on premise and on the edge. With leading anonymization accuracies and data privacy warranty included, IPS is the best product for compliant video data processing.

Built for any demand at scale with ease of use in mind

Our product philosophy is realized by camera-agnostic deep learning models, high resource efficiency and easy integration possibilities. The Identity Protection Suite is container-based, offers a standard RESTful API and supports all standard image, video and streaming formats. Therefore, the software can be used for a great variety of use cases. Data protection made in Germany.



Precise detections

Automatic redaction

Privacy by design

CPU & GPU modes

Flexible deployment

Product options

IPS EdgeIPS OnlineIPS Enterprise
Deep Natural Anonymization
Precision Blur
Faces & license plates
Full body
Images & videos
Custom calibration
Add 3rd-party analytics
Support for SecuStack by

AI innovation made in Europe

The Identity Protection Suite is based on cutting-edge artificial intelligence research. In particular, Deep Natural Anonymization is a product innovation that accelerates the digital delivery of data and access to data pools with ‘lossless data privacy’. The product is thus used in future-oriented applications, such as the development of autonomous vehicles or smart cities, and stimulates international AI ecosystems. brighter AI has access to a European AI network to create added value in terms of competitive strategy with partners in video analytics, data labelling and hardware integration.




for training and serial production



for video analytics

Public transport

Public transport

for insights and security

Annotation / labeling

Annotation / labeling

for data sharing & processing

Recommended system &
supported formats

At least multi-core CPU (for images) or one NVIDIA GPU

GPU compute capability: [6.0, 6.1, 6.2, 7.0, 7.2, 7.5]
min. GPU memory: 11000 MiB
NVIDIA driver version >= 410.48
Docker with nvidia-docker2 or nvidia-container-toolkit
at least 24 GB RAM
128 GB disk space
Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04

For IPS Edge: NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier

All standard image, video and streaming formats/codecs supported, incl.:
png, jpeg, bitmap, h264, mpeg4, mjpeg, hevc, vp9, rtsp

“brighter AI’s solution was easily integrated and the natural anonymization was what we needed for improvement of lane and sign detection validation strategy.” Václav Schybal, System Validation Platform Manager