To protect personal information in sensitive medical video and image data, we provide leading anonymization for healthcare use cases at scale that involve machine learning.

surgery_Blur redaction

We Understand Your Needs

Industry Experts

Based on our healthcare experience, we know about the data privacy and IT security requirements that you have to fulfill. We are providing a highly robust solution in line with healthcare specifications like HIPAA.

Easy Setup

Our redaction software can be easily integrated via a REST API- The setup via our secure cloud API or on your own GPU servers is suitable for data collection and processing at scale.

ML Compatibility

Our unique Deep Natural Anonymization is suitable with the training of machine learning algorithms. The solution has been approved by privacy professionals as well as research scientists.

Legal Compliance

Avoid severe legal fines and benefit from our experience with legal requirements for data acquisition projects. Data privacy officers have approved our solution for jurisdictions such as GDPR (EU), CCPA (US) and CSL (China).

Brand Reputation

By implementing our state-of-the-art privacy technologies, you become an innovation leader, protect your brand reputation and build trust amongst customers, investors and partners.

Privacy by Design

Integrate “privacy by design” into your existing data collection and processing flow. This saves time, legal risks and empowers you to focus on your core activities and data strategies.

Deep Natural Anonymization

With Deep Natural Anonymization as a feature of brighter Redact, you are able to anonymize personally identifiable information (PII) like faces by generating artificial replacements as shown in the picture. The generated data is compliant with the latest privacy standards such as GDPR and CCPA and can be processed further, e.g. for analysis or training machine learning models.

The faces were generated with Deep Natural Anonymization.

Suitable For Your Use Case

With our flexible solution and rich features, we are able to satisfy your individual needs. Explore different use cases to see what brighter Redact is capable of. The applications range from user experience and machine testing, to digital therapeutics, education and research, and patient tracking.

User Experience & Machine Testing

User Experience & Machine Testing

Improving your services

Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics

Ready for the future

Education & Research

Education & Research

Advancing healthcare

Patient Tracking

Patient Tracking

Safe environment

“We decided to use the service of brighter AI because the functionality to anonymize persons works very well. We were particularly surprised by the accuracy of the recognition method. The API was well documented and could be quickly integrated into our cloud solution.” Jens Dürasch, Managing Director, OnREX GmbH

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