Video Redaction for the Public Sector

We anonymize public sector data for the federal government, states, municipalities, cities, public corporations, universities, NGOs, but also for private companies in the field of CCTV, VMS, mobility and smart city. We offer customer-centric and use case-specific solutions for the privacy-compliant use of intelligent video analytics and the storage of image and video data in conformity with the law based on state-of-the-art redaction solutions. 

We support you with your specific requirements for cameras in public spaces

Substantial expertise and strong partnerships

We have substantial experience through projects with Deutsche Bahn in the field of passenger analytics and the development of autonomous trains. In addition, we developed strong partnerships, e.g., with Secunet, security service provider of the German Federal Government and providers of body cams, CCTV / security cameras and video management systems such as Axis, Bosch, Genetec and Milestone.

Full flexibility and cost efficiency

Our solution is easily customizable and allows you to continue to use or build upon existing camera infrastructures and video management systems. When the combined use of anonymization and smart video analytics is desired, the latter can be selected and integrated flexibly without no proprietary lock-in, i.e., vendor-independent and application-specific.

Intelligent video analytics

Our Deep Natural Anonymization Technology enables the lawful and compliant use of AI-based video analytics in public spaces. By replacing faces with synthetic image data, individual identities are protected while relevant information (such as number of people, their age and gender) are retained and can still be used for analytics.

Focus on data privacy and data security

With edge deployment, personal data is protected directly where it occurs (e.g., in the train), thus meeting the highest data protection and IT security standards. Additionally, we run on EN 50155-certified hardware. In on-prem deployment, you preserve data sovereignty and have full control over compliance with internal security requirements and policies by using your own servers without any external data connection.

Digitalization and social responsibility

Using our cutting-edge information technology you can become an innovation leader and help drive digitalization and the „connected society“ in Germany, Europe or across the globe. In addition, you will increase your brand awareness and create long-term trust among customers, employees, and partners.

Privacy by Design (Art. 25 GDPR)

We care about data privacy by helping you implement „privacy by design“ technology. Data Protection Officers have approved our solution for Europe (DSGVO), the USA (CCPA), China (CSL/PIS), Japan (APPI) and South Korea (PIPA). This saves time, legal uncertainty, and enables you to focus on your core activities and user experiences.

Deep Natural Anonymization for smart video analytics

With Deep Natural Anonymization by brighter AI, personal data such as faces and license plates are anonymized by the generation of artificial image data that replaces the original data.

We anonymize public sector data in compliance with the legal interpretation of data protection regulations such as the GDPR. After anonymization, the data can be processed in a legally secure manner, e.g. for video-based analyses or the training of machine learning models.

smart video analytics people tracking public transportation
Privacy compliant intelligent videos analytics (people counting and people tracking) in Berlin’s main train station.
Interview with Steven Schmidt about the joint pilot project.

Trusted by Deutsche Bahn

We leverage Deutsche Bahn, the biggest transportation provider in Germany, to use existing camera infrastructure for intelligent videos analytics in trains and stations – as well as the development of autonomous trains.

Deutsche Bahn sees the biggest potential of brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization in the ability to fully meet their data protection goals and accelerate digitalization while showing social responsibility.

Perfectly suitable for images and videos in the public sector

Due to a holistic service approach around our flexible software, we offer individualized solutions for your unique conditions, timelines and budget. We systematically enhance our expertise through research, partner and client projects in the areas of cyber security, digitalization, research and education, new mobility and smart city strategies as well as internal and external security. 

Applications of our technology range from people counting in public transportation and smart city applications to research projects in computer vision, as well as selective anonymization for video management system providers and law enforcement.

Public transportation providers

Public transportation providers

Privacy-compliant video analytics in real time

Police & Law Enforcement

Police & Law Enforcement

Protection of bystanders‘ privacy in investigations



Data exchange and storage for research projects

Smart City

Smart City

Connected data collection and intelligent analyses

About Deep Natural Anonymization: “Although the original attributes and layouts are kept for the output file, the face or license plate will not be related to a data subject anymore. The anonymization accuracy is proven with metrics of research benchmarks.
The software itself is built with a focus on privacy by design and supports important security measures […] to comply with the general principles of the GDPR.”
Marc Neumann, Technical Expert (CEPE T P/S), Managing Consultant at IBS data protection services and consulting GmbH

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