In the driver’s seat with brighter AI and Dell Technologies

22. August 2023

The development of advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous driving (ADAS/AD) vehicles requires a massive amount of data to train and validate AI-algorithms that will ultimately control the vehicle. However, data privacy regulations in different regions pose a challenge for OEMs and suppliers who need to access and share sensor data globally. To address this challenge, Dell Technologies and brighter AI have partnered to provide a solution that enables value-preserving anonymization of personal data, such as faces and license plates, while maintaining data quality for machine learning.

The solution combines Dell’s PowerScale scale-out storage and PowerEdge high-performance compute with brighter AI’s brighter redact Enterprise software, which uses Deep Natural Anonymization to create synthetic face overlays and license plate replicas that protect individuals from recognition. Striving for high-end, real-time anonymization of personal data and personal information, the solution complies with all major worldwide privacy regulations, such as GDPR, PIPL, CCPA, and CSL. By using this solution, companies can extract the full value of sensor data while protecting personal data privacy.

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