The Importance of Anonymization for Autonomous Driving Systems

17. April 2023

In this whitepaper, our partner Siemens and us talk about the value of anonymized data for autonomous driving systems development.

High-quality video data is vital for developing the most advanced autonomous driving systems. However, with increasingly strict privacy regulations like the GDPR, companies are using anonymization to avoid violating the laws while pursuing these projects. Traditional anonymization methods like pixelation and black bars often come at the cost of data accuracy and integrity, hindering the development of fully autonomous driving systems.

Our Deep Natural Anonymization offers a solution to this challenge. By retaining data quality while complying with privacy legislation, it enables companies to pursue advanced driving projects without making the trade-off between privacy and innovation.

By reading this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Why high-quality data is essential for autonomous driving systems development
  • How Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT) redacts vital data without reducing its value
  • Why DNAT is essential to building advanced autonomous driving systems