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Industry Overview: Meet Europe’s Leading Privacy Startups and Scaleups

brighter AI Webinar Series

26.07. 2022 11:00 – 11:45 (CET)

When the EU’s flagship privacy law was enacted in 2018, the landscape was confusing and cumbersome – both for companies on the continent, and those that wanted to expand to the EU. Fast forward 4 years, and GDPR enforcement is catching up, and so are companies in their efforts to be compliant. 

Hear from brighter AI’s founder, Marian Gläser and Silvan Jongerius, the Managing Partner of TechGDPR, on the latest developments on privacy tech in Europe. Over the past four years, both founders have made it their mission to put privacy tech on the map and build a robust ecosystem around the topic. Marian is the spokesperson for the German Startup Association’s working group on Artificial Intelligence. Silvan has founded the association, BerChain e.V, one of Berlin’s leading blockchain networks with 40 member companies.

They’ll share key lessons they’ve learned in navigating the landscape and walk you through who the key players are. From this webinar you will learn:

  • Use cases from the automotive, healthcare and transportation sectors where GDPR compliance is becoming increasingly important
  • How privacy tech solutions can provide your company legal certainty, as well as a competitive advantage with AI and other data driven solutions
  • Preparing for Web3 and how deep tech projects will fit into the GDPR framework

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Silvan Jongerius

Silvan Jongerius

Managing Partner, TechGDPR

Marian Gläser

Marian Gläser

Founder & CEO, BrighterAI

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