Redact and blur license plates – in photos and videos

Anonymize license plates with brighter Redact: The simple, safe and advanced solution for data privacy compliant image and video processing.

Ideal for appraisal and insurance companies, car dealers and used car platforms, as well as research.

Redact hundreds of images and videos simultaneously

Privacy compliant
with GDPR, CCPA etc

Automatic or selective

Industry leaders trust brighter AI

The most advanced way to blur license plates

With our advanced technology, it is possible to automatically detect and obscure license plates in images and videos. In doing so, we capture the corner points of the license plates more accurately than conventional providers.

The brighter way: Deep Natural Anonymization

In addition to very precise blurring (Precision Blur), we offer Deep Natural Anonymization, a solution that makes it possible to redact the personal information of a license plate without affecting its appearance. This is done by generating synthetic replacements that retain the original attributes, thus enabling analytics and machine learning.

Precision Blur

Automatically blur license plates in pictures and videos

With the help of a blurring filter, all license plates in the image or video areredacted – completely automatically, without you having to mark or select the license plate separately.

  • Precise recognition
  • Fastest anonymization
  • Compatible worldwide

Deep Natural Anonymization

Natural, automatic redaction of license plates

With our software solution, the real license plate is automatically replaced by a synthetic replica. Original license plate attributes are retained – identifiable data is replaced.

  • Suitable for machine learning
  • Natural appearance
  • Supports many countries and regions

License Plate Overlay

A small image with your logo is placed above the license plate. That is done automatically and with hundreds of images at the same time which saves a lot of manual work.

  • Innovative advertising medium
  • Fully customizable
  • Scalable for platforms

Redact license plates in images

With our brighter Redact software, you can automatically anonymize license plates in images. Our innovative solution offers three ways to make license plates on photos unrecognizable.

Test now for 14 days with 20 images without obligation

Redact license plates in videos

Selective Redaction in Videos: In addition to automated blurring of all license plates in videos, you can also anonymize individual license plates with our solution.

Test now for 14 days with 5 mins of video without obligation

This is how it works: Redact number plates – online or via API

Online application – Simple and fast in the brighter Redact Portal

The brighter Redact Portal is a platform that combines all anonymization services in one place.

  • Convenient handling via drag & drop
  • No installation required
  • Simple and fast, without extra integration effort

Redact number plates via API

With our Rest API you can integrate our anonymization services into your systems.

  • Seamless integration with simple documentation
  • Ideal for large data volumes
  • White label

Protecting identities – with cutting edge artificial intelligence

At brighter AI, some of the best Data Scientists and AI Engineers from around the world develop the most accurate automatic recognition of Personally Identifiable Information (PIIs).

For our unique Deep Natural Anonymization, we also train Machine Learning models to generate artificial replicas of PIIs. This makes us a leader in the field of generative artificial intelligence (GANs).

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Test our solution free of charge and without obligation

With the free test version you can use all functions for 14 days.
You have a quota of 20 images and 5 minutes of video (max. 20 MB per file) at your disposal.

Use cases: In these cases you need to obscure license plates

When and why should you obscure license plates? We give you the most important examples on how to handle license plates in images and videos in a privacy-compliant way. The legal basis for this are various data protection regulations, such as the DSGVO, CCPA and others.

Autonomous driving

In order to process video data from road traffic, it must be anonymized. Deep Natural Anonymization enables automatic anonymization of all license plates and faces as well as further processing for machine learning.

Used car platforms

In order to protect personal information, the license plates of the offered cars must be made unrecognizable. In addition to pure pixelation (Precision Blur), brighter Redact allows to replace the license plates with logos or lettering of the portals.

Vehicle appraisals

In order to share images of the damage assessment, license plates as well as faces on them need to be made unrecognizable. In addition to pure pixelation (Precision Blur), brighter Redact allows you to replace license plates with your own logos or lettering.

Security & Surveillance

To monitor construction sites, parking lots or other frequented locations, recorded license plates must be made unrecognizable. Precision Blur automatically, reliably and accurately captures and anonymizes all license plates and faces.

“We were surprised by the accuracy with which the license plates are identified. Our customers appreciate the speed, security and naturally executed anonymization of the damage photos.” Jens Dürasch, Managing Director, OnREX GmbH

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