Use anonymization to monetize data and be compliant.

We provide the world's most advanced automatic redaction software for your images and videos. The solution comes with state-of-the-art features for face and license plate anonymization, REST API for a seamless integration and is made for compliance with the latest privacy standards such as GDPR, CCPA, PIPL or APPI.

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Select one of the pictures below to see the anonymized version. You can choose between Precision Blur and Deep Natural Anonymization. You can also upload your own JPG or PNG image (max. 2MB, max. 4 images per session).

Our Products

Precision Blur

Precision Blur automatically detects and blurs objects of the selected type (e.g., face, license plate, characters) in your video or image. It is the most precise AI-based redaction solution and the Blur includes a random function that cannot be reverse-engineered.

Deep Natural Anonymization

Our unique Deep Natural Anonymization automatically detects a personal identifier such as a face and generates a synthetic replacement that reflects the original attributes. Therefore, the solution protects identities while keeping necessary information for analytics or machine learning.

Full Body Blur

Full Body Blur is an advanced privacy solution designed to anonymize entire human bodies in videos and images, effectively blurring personal identifiers such as hairstyles, clothing, and tattoos. This upgrade enhances privacy compliance by protecting sensitive information and adapting to evolving data protection regulations.

Key Features

Selective Redaction

The Selective Redaction user interface allows you to selectively anonymize personal information in videos. In some use cases such as media and law enforcement, not all faces need to be blurred. After the automatic detections, you can (de)select objects individually.

Custom Redact Settings

With Custom Redact Settings, you can set detection thresholds manually. Thereby, the recognition of objects like faces and license plates can be fine-tuned for individual use cases to ensure high-quality redaction results and maximum compliance.

Redaction Areas

Redaction Areas feature provides you with the areas that are relevant for the redaction of the faces and license plates. This opens up the possibility of PIIs removal in accordance with your specific needs, but with the guarantee of privacy compliance. It enables full flexibility for the data processing and complex pipelines.

API Integration

We offer the option to seamlessly integrate our image redaction solution into your products and services with an easy-to-use REST API. You benefit from full functionality and can customize the solution to your individual needs.

Compatibility with machine learning

DNAT protects identities by generating synthetic overlays of faces and license plates. This allows you to use video and images for AI development and analytics while remaining compliant with all relevant privacy regulations.
DNAT preserves the original data quality and accuracy, making it the best-in-class solution for analytics and machine learning.

DNAT ensures anonymized data remains as representative as the original by preserving the age, gender, and ethnicity of detected faces. Facial expression, gaze, movement and even the position of eyelids are maintained for analytical use cases.

Training with the Original Data vs. Deep Natural Anonymization Technology (DNAT); Cityscapes Validation Dataset

Original 0.315
DNAT 0.315
0 0.1 0.2 0.3

Mean Average Precision (IoU = 0.50 : 0.95)

Instance Segmentation with Mask-RCNN


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* Usage volume per month: Precision Blur (500 images / 120 min video) or Deep Natural Anonymization (166 images / 40 min video) or a mix of both.
Usage above the included volume will be charged on top.

“brighter AI’s solution was easily integrated and the natural anonymization was what we needed for improvement of lane and sign detection validation strategy.” Václav Schybal, System Validation Platform Manager, Valeo
“Together with our University partners and Facebook AI Research, we decided to use the brighter AI software to anonymize datasets within our computer vision research. We appreciate the accuracy of brighter AI’s anonymization solution, the possibility of a simple on-premise setup, as well as the great support by the brighter AI team.” Bernard Ghanem, Associate Professor, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
“We decided to use the service of brighter AI because the functionality to anonymize license plates and persons works very well. We were particularly surprised by the accuracy of the recognition method. The API was well documented and could be quickly integrated into our cloud solution.” Jens Dürasch, Managing Director, OnREX GmbH
“With brighter AI, we successfully transferred a large amount of data to our client outside the EU under time pressure. By using brighter AI’s fully automated Precision Blur, we saved thousands of hours of manual work and were able to provide our client with high-quality data for further processing. We valued the accuracy and adaptability of brighter AI’s anonymization
solution and the support from the team.”
Daniel Scholz, Business Unit Manager Software & Elektronik

The easiest way to anonymize online

Everything in one place
Our portal gathers all your anonymization services in one place. This makes anonymizing visual data online easier than ever.

Keep track of your usage
The usage dashboard gives you an overview of how many images and videos you have anonymized.

Manage your account
Inside the portal, you can easily manage your contact details as well as your subscription.

Anonymize data in 3 simple steps

In three easy steps, you can get your images and videos anonymized in the portal. The intuitive user interface guides you through the anonymization process, enabling you to redact data in the most efficient way. Select your files, choose your settings and start the anonymization process within seconds. In the overview, you can keep track of the status and download your anonymization results.

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With the free trial, you will have access to all features with a contingent of 5 minutes of video and 20 images (max 20 MB per file). Easy, fast and convenient, we don’t need your credit card details and the trial ends automatically after 14 days.

Fast and easy API integration

API by developers for developers
We have worked hard to make our solutions easy and fast to integrate. You can contact our friendly support for further questions.

Absolute privacy
We do not view or store your data. Throughout the entire anonymization process, we comply with the highest data privacy standards such as the GDPR & CCPA.

Highest security standards
Our API is TLS encrypted. We only process your data in Europe in an isolated and restricted environment on a secure MS Azure cloud.

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