Anonymization Platform Solution – Intel(R) & brighter AI

14. September 2023

brighter Al’s Image and Video Anonymization software, optimized with Intel® technologies, enables system integrators and retailers to deliver improved customer experiences, drive sales, and meet crucial privacy standards by automatically redacting key identifiers from image and video.

Benefits For Retailers

Increase Revenue

Drive sales with more accurately targeted marketing efforts and product placement. Use video data in order to better understand customer demographics and segments, and consequently to optimize store layout and inventory processes.

Build brand loyalty and customer trust

Assure customers of their privacy by anonymizing their data, making it impossible to identify them. Utilize insights from data to drive personalized and exceptional experiences that keep customers coming back, again and again.

Improve customer experiences

Leverage DNAT to unlock customer behavioral data to enhance decision making with premium business intelligence. In this instance, reduce long wait times, optimize store layouts, and ensure product availability to enhance every shopper’s experience.


Benefits For System Integrators

Deploy quickly

Leverage retailers’ existing equipment and systems or easily integrate with new ones using flexible APIs. Additionally, the simple deployment also means that integrators can increase their own profitability by helping a greater number of organizations, or more stores from the same retailer, modernize their video analysis practice.

Customize capabilities

DNAT technology is designed to support computer vision and other solutions, covering a wide range of potential use cases and integrating with other powerful analytics tools. Hence, providing access to video data offers immediate benefits to understanding customer behavior patterns but also serves as the catalyst for further business improvements and differentiating the customer experience.

Empower customers

Enable customers to use their video data and maximize their investments. Then, this helps integrators strengthen partnerships with their customers, by delivering exceptional value and unlocking opportunities for customers to increase revenue, enhance brand loyalty, and improve their customer experiences.

Scale easily

The software is camera agnostic and works from cloud to edge so integrators can support their customers how and where they need. As a consequence, integrators can help guide their customers as they expand their current market or help them explore new horizons while ensuring a powerful Al platform is at their side.

The cost of breaching privacy regulations

  • Video privacy breaches resulted in fines for 43% of surveyed UK retailers.
  • Meta was fined $1.3 billion in 2023 for allegedly breaching GDPR regulations and it’s handling of European citizen personal data
  • The EU fined Amazon $887 million in 2021 over alleged privacy violations.