How brighter AI and LAT Digitalize Berlin’s Tram Network

24. August 2022

The expansion of the tram network requires more trains and more new drivers. However, tram drivers’ training is limited by increasingly tight schedules and scarce vehicle resources. BVG’s goal is to supplement the training with accessible tram route videos. With up-to-date video material, current drivers also have the opportunity to refresh and consolidate their knowledge of the routes.

To that end, brighter AI  – an innovative AI startup in the Privacy Tech area, and LAT Funkanlagen Service GmbH – a leading network and security tech provider from Berlin, have created data privacy-compliant route videos of Berlin’s tram network.

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This innovative solution, which enables tram driving simulation with privacy-compliant video recordings, is the result of collaboration between three companies, whose profiles could not be more different: BVG from the public sector, brighter AI from the privacy tech industry and LAT as a medium-sized system integrator.

Download the case study and learn more about the potential of video data in public transport.

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