DXC Technology: Integration of brighter Redact to solve data privacy challenges for autonomous vehicles

The Partner

US-based DXC Technology is a multinational corporation providing B2B information technology services. DXC is a Fortune 500 global IT services leader, with more than 130,000 employees, operating in 70+ countries. In 2020, the company had revenues of $19.58 billion. To accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles, DXC provides DXC Robotic Drive. The platform helps leading OEMs and tier 1s with data collection, storage and analysis, and is one of their key endeavors to stay the forefront in autonomous vehicle development.

Scalable setup, directly on DXC's Robotic Drive platform

GDPR-compliant solution, for automotive and beyond

Synthetic PII replacements, compatible with machine learning

The Challenge

In order to accelerate the development of autonomous vehicles, users of the DXC Robotic Drive platform need to process hundreds of petabytes of data, including video. Especially when storing, processing or sharing this data, the protection personal identifiable information, e.g. faces and license plates, in line with privacy regulations such as GDPR is crucial. And as DXC puts it, "ensuring privacy is not just a matter of meeting government regulations. All enterprises, including autonomous vehicle manufacturers, have a social responsibility to their customers and society." Compliance, scalability and speed are all important to DXC's customers and therefore, the company wants to provide a robust and accurate automatic anonymization solution directly on the Robotic Drive platform.

The Solution

DXC decided to augment its capabilities by integrating brighter AI’s image anonymization software, brighter Redact, into the DXC Robotic Drive platform. Besides a precise PII blurring solution, brighter Redact, provides Deep Natural Anonymization, which generates synthetic face and license plate replacements to protect peoples' identities while keeping the data compatible with the training of machine learning models. Due to the easy integration of the brighter Redact container into the scalable GPU clusters of DXC Robotic Drive, within just a few feeks, the two partners could go from initial discussions to an integrated solution.


privacy technology

within DXC Robotic Drive

The Result

DXC Technology has successfully integrated brighter Redact into the Robotic Drive platform, providing strong data protection at scale for the development of autonomous vehicles. The solution is now available to several DXC customers - also beyond the automotive industry-, and petabytes of data will be anonymized seamlessly to comply with GDPR. And with Deep Natural Anonymization even without compromising on data quality.

“This anonymization technique is much more valuable than simply blurring faces and license plates, because facial features and physical attributes can still be recognized, and that data can be used to train machine learning models. The solution combines technical innovation with effective protection of personal privacy, distinguishing it from other redaction techniques. Importantly, this approach ensures that video recordings are in compliance with the strict data protection guidelines stipulated by GDPR and other regulations.”

Philipp Wende, Senior Consultant Automotive & Innovation Program Lead, DXC
Sunil Samantaray, Chief Technologist Robotic Drive, DXC