Introducing DNAT 2.0: The Next Evolution in Privacy-Protecting Generative Technology

7. February 2024

Just like our first generation DNAT, DNAT 2.0 is an innovative technology that harnesses the power of advanced deep learning algorithms to generate lifelike and realistic human faces and license plates. It pioneers a generative anonymization technology designed to protect individual privacy while preserving the integrity of visual data. However, we are proud to show you a much improved version. Here is what you can expect:

Enhanced Realism
DNAT 2.0 now boasts enhanced realism with synthetic replacements that are remarkably more lifelike and visually compelling than the previous version, ensuring heightened accuracy in anonymization and blurring the line between real and synthetic faces or license plates.

Increased Diversity
Compared to our first generation DNAT, DNAT 2.0 offers an unlimited generation of diverse replacements, facilitating increased variation in facial features and license plate designs. This diversity enhances privacy protection, making it more challenging to identify specific individuals or vehicles, and reinforces adherence to privacy regulation.

Future-Proof Architecture
DNAT 2.0 is built on a scalable and adaptable architecture, allowing for continuous improvements and updates as technology evolves.

Faster Processing
DNAT 2.0 optimizes its generative process for faster anonymization. The reduction in processing time enables efficient and seamless anonymization in videos and images.

The following video provides an insightful sneak peak of the transformative power of DNAT 2.0 at work:


Let us know if you would like to experience it for yourself or would like to get more information.

Andreea Mandeal
Head of Marketing