The Case for On-Premise Anonymization: Privacy, Control, and Efficiency

18. March 2024

Data privacy and security are paramount. As businesses navigate the complexities of data protection laws and the threats of cyber attacks, the need for reliable, scalable, and secure data management solutions has never been greater. Designed with privacy and security as its core principles, our turnkey solution empowers businesses to navigate the challenging landscape of today’s privacy and security demands with confidence and efficiency.

Our solution leverages Terraform deployment to automatically scale across your own cluster, providing a highly scalable environment tailored to your needs. Whether your data is processed on GPUs and CPUs across multiple servers, our system is orchestrated to ensure automatic scaling the moment it’s deployed. This not only ensures high throughput for scaling but also offers a streamlined approach to managing complex data across diverse infrastructures.

The Advantages of On-Premise Deployment*

Enhanced Privacy and Security

An on-premise setup provides the most secure and compliant framework for handling sensitive data. By hosting the anonymization process within your own infrastructure, you maintain full control over the data, ensuring compliance with stringent data protection regulations. Whether you only need to process a bit of data all the time or huge volumes infrequently, our solution scales dynamically to hundreds of GPU and CPU machines if required, or scales down rapidly to keep your costs low. Spot instances are also supported on many platforms.

Unmatched Flexibility and Control

Our on-premise solution is deeply integrated into your data management and processing pipelines, offering unparalleled flexibility. You have the freedom to allocate resources as needed and grant access to different business units on demand, fostering a highly independent and dynamic operational model.

Unique, Offline Capsuled Solution

Our approach offers a unique, offline solution that does not require constant communication with external servers. This not only enhances security but also ensures your operations are uninterrupted even in the most stringent privacy and compliance scenarios.

Proven Success

Our solution has been embraced by industry leaders such as CARIAD, VW or Deutsche Bahn demonstrating its effectiveness in anonymizing thousands of hours of video in mere days. This underscores the capability of our platform to handle extensive datasets efficiently and securely, making it an ideal choice for industries with high privacy and security requirements.

Cloud Agnostic for Ultimate Compatibility

We understand the diversity of our clients’ infrastructure preferences, which is why our solution is cloud-agnostic. Whether your setup is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Alibaba, Red Hat OpenShift or any other provider, our platform seamlessly integrates, offering the same high level of service and scalability.


Our on-premise anonymization solution represents a paradigm shift in how businesses can manage, secure, and utilize their data. By offering a scalable, secure, and efficient platform that ensures compliance and enhances operational flexibility, we empower businesses to take full control of their data privacy and security needs. Adopting our on-premise solution not only means safeguarding your data and ensuring compliance but also optimizing your operational efficiency and future-proofing your business against the evolving digital landscape.

*We have multiple options for OP redact: 1. Our normal option  with docker containers 2. The terraform option to deploy to public or private cloud platforms 3. Edge options for high and low end hardware.

Andreea Mandeal
Head of Marketing