OnREX: Provider of vehicle appraisal software enhances UX with brighter Redact integration

The Client

The German company OnREX GmbH provides DYNAREX, “The mobile office solution for automotive appraisers”. The software application is used in particular to create expert opinions on liability and comprehensive damage to vehicles. With a focus on a smooth mobile-first user experience, the company aims at making vehicle appraisals ready for the digital age.

Easy and fast integration
via secure cloud API

Accurate detections,
even on damaged vehicles

Automation for enhanced
user experience

The Challenge

On average, 25 to 30 digital damage photos are processed per appraisal. If these photos are passed on to third parties by the expert, all personally identifiable information (PII) must be anonymized. Due to large monthly volumes and mobile recordings, an automated, scalable and robust PII anonymization software was needed. At the same time, license plate and face detections need to be highly accurate, even when objects are partly occluded or distorted.

The Solution

brighter Redact, our cloud-based image and video redaction software, is scalable and provides the best performance for both license plate and face anonymization. After only a week of testing and requirements alignment, the OnREX team decided to roll out the service to all users of their software. Through an easy API integration, OnREX was able to add the image redaction service effortlessly into the existing product.



of manual work saved

The Result

By providing the option to redact images automatically inside the vehicle appraisal app, DYNAREX users do not have to manually redact their photos anymore before uploading them to the platform. This will save more than 100 hours of tedious manual work within the first year alone. In addition, the AI-based anonymization enhances the ease-of-use and thereby the customer experience. The OnREX success story shows: identity protection for images with privacy by design is the way to go.

"We decided to use the service of brighter AI because the functionality to anonymize license plates and persons works very well. We were particularly surprised by the accuracy of the recognition method. Before the integration of brighter Redact, license plates on damage photos had to be manually masked by the vehicle appraiser. Our customers have been able to use the service for about 2 months now. They appreciate the speed, security and naturally executed anonymization on damage photos. The API provided was well documented and could be quickly integrated into our cloud solution.”

Jens Dürasch, Managing Director, OnREX GmbH