How Taisei is Revolutionizing Image Recognition with brighter AI’s Privacy Protection Solutions

30. January 2024


Taisei Corporation, a prominent Japanese construction firm, dedicates itself to crafting spaces that are not only safe, secure, and appealing, but also in tune with the natural environment. Their commitment extends to building a brighter future for coming generations. Utilizing AI and IoT, Taisei focuses on optimizing every aspect of building-related tasks, thereby delivering value to their clients’ businesses with an eye towards the future.

brighter AI, a German firm, is acclaimed for its innovative anonymization software that is widely utilized by Japanese companies to anonymize sensitive image data, ensuring adherence to the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (APPI).

Development and Challenges 

As Taisei ventured into the realm of image recognition AI, they initially employed a camera-installed blur API for safeguarding personal data. However, this approach encountered challenges due to the API’s limited precision. It resulted in excessive blurring, often obscuring the entire upper body, which proved inadequate for training AI systems. Furthermore, this method was unable to capture essential attributes like gender and age, as they were lost in the blurring process.

Implementing brighter AI’s visual recognition solution

To address this issue, Taisei adopted the image and video anonymization solution from brighter AI, renowned for its extensive expertise and cutting edge technology in the image recognition AI field. Utilizing state-of-the-art deep learning, brighter AI efficiently detects faces and number plates in footage. Upon detection, it replaces them with synthetic yet realistic and varied substitutes. This approach effectively conceals the identities of individuals in the videos while retaining crucial information in the original data. This balance between privacy protection and data utility facilitates its application in both analysis and AI development.

Main Benefits 

  • With brighter AI’s Deep Natural Anonymization (DNAT), important attributes of the original data such as gender, emotions, and gaze are preserved, while maintaining personal data privacy.  This is something that the traditional camera’s blur API couldn’t achieve.
  • Privacy first approach
    brighter AI offers GDPR-compliant anonymization solutions that automatically detect and anonymize faces and license plates. This cannot be reverse-engineered.
  • Lower cost and better use of internal resources
    Since anonymization is done automatically, the time and cost of re-editing the data were reduced, improving work efficiency and quality.

Future Developments for visual processing AI: Taisei & brighter AI

The adoption of the Deep Natural Anonymization technology has enabled the development of artificial intelligence while ensuring the protection of personal information. Furthermore, due to brighter AI’s compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the global benchmark for data privacy, Taisei is exploring the possibility of broadening their partnership with brighter AI. This expansion is aimed at leveraging brighter AI’s capabilities to align with international standards for personal information security.

Andreea Mandeal
Head of Marketing