Revolutionizing Privacy in Surveillance: Introducing Full Body Blur for Comprehensive Protection and Compliance

11. April 2024

In contemporary manufacturing facilities, office and public spaces, the extensive deployment of video surveillance systems plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety, security, and effective operational oversight. However, an unintended consequence of these systems is the inadvertent capture of sensitive personally identifiable information (PII). This includes details such as employee names displayed on uniforms, employee IDs, distinctive hair colors, unique clothing choices, or even body tattoos. These occurrences give rise to substantial privacy concerns and present serious legal compliance challenges. At the same time, understanding individuals’ behavior becomes more important for analysis. 

Our purpose is to provide a robust and versatile solution for anonymizing video data collected in different environments. This solution will blur people’s full bodies , enhancing privacy while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Companies can blur entire human bodies in videos and images, guaranteeing that personal identifying information such as hairstyles, clothing styles, and tattoos remains private.

Core Technical Features of Full Body Blur:

  1. Advanced Real-Time Analysis:
    Incorporates state-of-the-art Full Body Instance Segmentation and Object Detection models for real-time data processing and analysis within the Redact product.
  2. Universal Compatibility:
    Seamlessly processes data from a wide array of sources, including professional photography equipment, smartphones, action cameras, CCTV systems, and specialized industrial sensors. Ensures consistent performance across diverse data types and quality. Works well in detecting and segmenting individuals within complex scenes. Maintains accuracy across different angles, resolutions, and lens types, ensuring detailed and actionable insights.
  3. Versatile Application Across Industries:
    Tailored for varied scenarios such as urban and indoor monitoring, navigation, and specialized industrial applications. Equally effective in analyzing scenarios involving people in different settings, including streets, buildings, and offices.
  4. Adaptable to Different Environmental Conditions:
    Performs reliably under various weather conditions, times of the day, and lighting scenarios. Robust against challenges posed by different environmental factors.

Key Benefits:

  1. Comprehensive Privacy Protection:
    Full Body Blur utilizes state-of-the-art Segmentation models to detect entire human bodies or parts of a human body in videos or images. It safeguards distinctive features like clothing choices and tattoos, ensuring confidential information remains private.
  2. Option to Anonymize New PII:
    In response to evolving privacy concerns, Full Body Blur allows users to anonymize additional Personally Identifiable Information (PII) elements. This provides a flexible and future-proof solution for the changing privacy landscape.
  3. Legal Compliance:
    Aligning with the highest data protection regulations, Full Body Blur mitigates legal compliance challenges. It allows organizations to deploy surveillance systems confidently without risking privacy breaches or regulatory penalties.
  4. Behavior Analysis Without Compromising Privacy in a Known and Closed Environment:
    Balancing privacy and analytical insights, Full Body Blur enables organizations to analyze worker behavior while respecting and protecting individual privacy.

Additionally, we will continue to deliver Deep Natural Anonymization and Precision Blur to our customers.

Andreea Mandeal
Head of Marketing