SEGULA Technologies Enables GDPR-Compliant Data Transfer Using Precision Blur

20. March 2023

SEGULA Technologies is an industry-leading engineering group. They faced the challenge of transferring over 8000 hours of video data containing personal information from their data center in Germany to their client’s headquarters outside the EU. The data had to be transferred within 12 weeks while complying with the GDPR. Due to the tight time frame, they need an automated AI-based anonymization solution for GDPR-compliant cross-border data transfer.

SEGULA Technologies collaborated with privacy tech expert brighter AI, and used our Precision Blur, the most accurate AI-based redaction solution in the world, to automatically detect and blur faces and license plates in the video data. Despite the time pressure, SEGULA Technologies was able to conduct GDPR-compliant cross-border data transfer. By using brighter AI’s fully automated anonymization solution, SEGULA Technologies saved thousands of hours of manual work, improved operational efficiency, and avoided the risks of being fined.

Download the case study and learn more about how brighter AI’s anonymization solution enables GDPR-compliant cross-border data transfer.


SEGULA Technologies uses brighter AI's anonymization solution to enable data transfer