How Data Privacy Can Steer the Future of Autonomous Driving

24. August 2022

On 24.08.2022, brighter AI successfully held the webinar titled “Lessons from Industry: How Data Privacy Can Steer the Future of Autonomous Driving”. This is the second webinar in our series “Setting the Standard”.

brighter AI Webinar #2: "Lessons from Industry: How Data Privacy Can Steer the Future of Autonomous Driving"

The automotive industry is seeing the consequences if they are not compliant with the data protection regulations such as the GDPR. Recently, giants in the automotive industry are facing lawsuits and hefty fines because the data they collected did not obtain the consent of road users. These cases, even in their isolated nature, are setting a precedent that the automotive industry will face severe legal issues if they continue to collect data without obtaining the consent of road users. To avoid potential future punishment, during autonomous vehicle development process, data collection, processing and analytics should be conducted in compliance with the data protection regulations. To achieve this, support from multiple industries is required.

The speakers, Robin van der Made, Director Product Management at Siemens Digital Industries Software, and Sebastian Meißner, Head of the EuroPriSe Certification Authority, discussed the importance of data privacy to autonomous driving development, as well as the value and advantages it brings to automotive companies from technical and legal perspective. They shared their insights on the following topics specifically:

      • Case studies from Siemens Digital Technologies on how they are integrating GDPR compliance in their product offering
      • How EuroPriSe is aiming to create standards for #IT products and services in the GDPR framework
      • How to engage with stakeholders to ensure privacy is an enabler to #innovation in IT with best practice cases from Siemens

Watch the webinar recording here